Mang and the Gang

The Mangs

What’s up gang? We want to share with you how Mang and the Gang came about and why we do what we do. The idea for Mang and the Gang came about when we saw all of the videos our nieces and nephews loved watching on YouTube! We saw some of the videos and thought that we could make videos of the same or better quality that would help children learn and grow! With our backgrounds in music and education, we believe we have the perfect combination to create fun videos with songs, education content, and more for kids to enjoy!

Our Content

Christ Centered

Join us on adventures of faith! Our videos share positive messages and celebrate Christian values.


No more worries about what might play next! All of our videos are safe for children of all ages!


Learning adventures await! Our videos make exploring new things engaging for young minds.


Puppets, animation, singing, and more! Our videos are packed with entertainment kids will love.

We'd love to hear from you!

Questions, ideas, comments, or anything you have to say to us! We would love to hear from you!